WMF 2010 Wintervention

WMF 2010 Wintervention

WMF 2010 Wintervention

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Why We Love It

The year's most ambitious athletes travel to the world's most epic destination in this iconic film series that will leave you stoked for skiing and snowboarding season.

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Where We Use It

Watch ahead of powder season to get you ready for a winter of skiing and snowboarding adventures.

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Are you missing something in your life? Are you easily distracted, prone to day-dreaming and occasionally confusing and even frightening your friends and loved ones with your constant talking about mountains and snow? Are you impatiently awaiting the end of fall and the onset of winter? Then maybe it’s time you had a Wintervention.

For the 61st feature film, WME steps in to handle your jones for skiing and snowboarding -- bringing board-certified experts with us. Guys like Hugo Harrisson, Jossi Wells, Chris Davenport, JJ Thomas, Reggie Crist, and Andy Mahre know all about the fine line between passion and obsession. They’re here to let you know: you don’t have a problem. It’s the people who don’t know what they’re missing that really need the help. From ski mountaineering near the North Pole to launching zodiac boats toward the snowy shore of Antarctica, Wintervention leaves no corner of the frozen planet untouched in the search for a cure to what ails you. There are terrain parks stocked with the sport’s top talent, peaks that define the Alaskan Chugach, and snow so deep it makes fat skis look skinny.

This movie is for anyone who drives with the windows down in January; who can often be found laughing while they shovel their walkways; and who consider their own back porches to be a season-long archive of local snowfall. Join others like you for a celebration of the one season that defines your year. Join all of us for a Wintervention.

Featuring Athletes Johnny Moseley, Daron Rahlves, Lexi Dupont

Directed by Max Bervy

Duration: 1 hr 42 min
Year: 2010

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