ClimbOn Bar 1 oz.

ClimbOn ClimbOn Bar 1oz

ClimbOn Bar 1 oz.

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Why We Love It

All-purpose and all-natural, this is our go-to for dry skin, blemishes, burns, rashes, or any of the other skin ailments you find yourself with in your active lifestyle.

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Where We Use It

Keep in your climbing bag for rubbing on your hands post climb, or in your first aid kit for when you need it most.

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The classic and revolutionary climbOn bar, formulated in 1996 with nothing but plants and beeswax. The lotion bar easily rubs onto the skin or can be densely packed into seriously dry or abused skin to provide moisturization and nutritious skin fuel for adventure. It also provides excellent skin health when applied as a daily moisturization routine for common skin issues.

Solid to touch. Begins to melt when the bar meets the warmth of the skin. The lotion bar rubs on easily when it’s warm.

A pleasant mix of essential oils like neroli and lavender, meant to calm the mind and the warm smell of honey from our raw beeswax. Try the cedar version for a woodsy, alpine scent!

The 1-ounce bar lasts for 2-3 months of daily use, equivalent to an 8-ounce bottle of ordinary lotion. The 0.5-ounce bar lasts for 1-2 months of daily use, equivalent to a 4-ounce bottle of ordinary lotion.

Weight: 1 oz.

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