Gas Growler Deluxe

Gas Growler Deluxe

Gas Growler Deluxe

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Why We Love It

Not only is the Gas Growler WAY more convenient than green bottles, but it gives us peace of mind we're not created more waste. We love this product.

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Where We Use It

Camping, hunting, and tailgating.

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Green propane bottles are wasteful, messy, and a pain to dispose of properly. Ignik solves problems like this. The Gas Growler is a refillable no-waste solution for heat and cooking in the outdoors. We enable you to heat, cook, survive, and thrive in the outdoors, with less waste. The Gas Growler is easy to setup and comes ready to use with all your existing cooking and heating devices that use single-use green propane bottles.

Heavy duty handle - durable webbing with internal padding, for easy carrying. Molle Webbing- upper and lower MOLLE webbing loops make it easy to secure take for transpot or attach optional accessories. Rugged Construction - durable fabric, think tank pad, and sturdy tank cradle are built to last. Molded Case - engineerd to cradle tank, insulate propane, and protect from impact. Tank Valve - easily refillable at your local service station or anywhere propane is filled. Connection hose - safely connects refillable gas growler to devices that use small "green" propane bottles. 5 lb Refillable Tank - each refill costs about the same as one disposable bottle, lasts 5X longer, and keeps 5 bottles out of the landfill.

Includes case, tank and hose.

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