37.5 Hiking Light Crew

37.5 Hiking Light Crew

37.5 Hiking Light Crew

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As outdoorsy people, we know that socks can either make or break your adventures. Your dream hiking socks have arrived. Point6 and 37.5 Technology combine to deliver the driest wool sock ever. Natural particles from coconuts and volcanic ash attract and release moisture in vapor form, providing an ideal microclimate and leaving more energy for adventure.

Maximize evaporation and accelerate dry time for unmatched comfort and performance with the Light Crew from Point6 and 37.5 Technology.37.5 active particles supercharge wool's natural abilities by attracting moisture while still in vapor form, before it becomes a sweat droplet. Stay drier longer, increase athletic output, and improve microclimate comfort with this light cushion, crew sock. The best wool socks ever just got better. Great for biking, hiking, running, a day at the office, and everywhere in between.

Product Details:

  • Wool 63%
  • Spandex 7%
  • Nylon 30%
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