Bivystick | January 2019

This month, FIVE randomly selected Cairn subscribers will win a Bivystick from Bivy plus 20 credits to get your off-grid service started (a $370+ value)! Bivystick gives you peace of mind when you are off the grid. You can now use your cell phone to communicate when you have no phone service. Bivystick allows you to send and receive text messages, share your location, track your path, send an SOS message in case of emergency and access weather forecasts. The best part? No contract or annual fees! Just activate it and load credits that are used on per action basis.

All of this seamlessly integrated with Bivy App and its database of more than 40,000 trails, climbing routes and waterways. Plus keep your phone charged with the Bivystick with the 6000 mAh built-in backup battery so you can get that message out when needed. Not only will you feel safer while you explore new areas, but your loved ones will also sleep easily by keeping track of your location and status. It is the ultimate tool for the modern day adventurer. With Bivy Stick you stay safe and found.


  • No contract or commitment. Activate it only when you need it. Bivystick uses a simple credit system to manage your data needs. To send one text message, you need one credit. To pull one weather report, you use one credit. You purchase the number of credits that you need for your style of adventure.
  • Send and receive text messages from anywhere in the world. All you need is a clear view of the sky and the Bivystick will connect to one of the 60+ satellites in the Iridium network.
  • Share your location at any time. You can share your location via text message or social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Track your path and share it with anyone you choose. Keep yourself and your loved ones aware of where you've been.
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Detailed Offline maps eliminate the need to carry a separate GPS unit
  • SOS in case of emergency. Communicate with EMS to ensure proper and efficient rescue.
  • Accurate point weather forecast at any time.
  • 6000 mAh battery to keep your phone charged for an entire weekend adventure. Rechargeable via USB.

Bivy was founded by Vance Cook, an avid mountaineer, rock climber, outdoor adventurer, and longtime software developer. Vance created Bivy to help people find, track, and share outdoor adventures across the United States with plans to expand Worldwide. Bivy identifies the details, location, and full path of tens of thousands of trails, waterways, and climbing routes and is growing every day with the help of the Bivy community.