Ignik Sustainable Warmth Package | February 2021

This month, we've teamed up with Ignik to give FOUR randomly selected subscribers a Sustainable Warmth Package, valued at $299.97 each!  Take the warmth with you, wherever your adventures lead. Ignik brings fresh innovation and environmentally thoughtful design to outdoor heating products.

Each Ignik Sustainable Warmth Package includes:

Gas Growler Deluxe

  • One Gas Growler fill costs about the same as one single-use green bottle and lasts 5 times as long.
  • Includes a 4’/1.2M hose that attaches to all heaters and stoves that use the single-use green propane bottles.
  • The Gas Growler complies with DOT specifications 4BA, 4BW and 4E. It is safe to transport in your car, SUV, RV, or boat.
  • Rugged protective case with room for hose and wrench storage.

2-in-1 Heater Stove

  • 2-in-1 design provides easy to use, portable cooking and heat solutions
  • for all your outdoor needs.
  • Adjustable heat from 4,000 BTU/hr to 10,000 BTU/Hr means plenty of
  • heat for any cold-weather activity, like hunting, fishing or tailgating.
  • Compatible with IGNIK’s Gas Growler products.

Hand Warmer, 30 Pairs

  • Re-usable Temperature Regulation Envelope lets you control your heat.
  • Up to 10 hours of heat from each warmer (2 inside).
  • Safe, comfortable, natural heat from natural minerals and oxygen.
  • 98% Biodegradable. Contents can be composted after use
Ignik makes high-quality, environmentally thoughtful heating products for the wilderness. They enable more folks to get outside earlier and remain outside longer.