Industrial Revolution Gear Haul | August 2016

Make some room in your pack! Our awesome August Adventure Upgrade sponsor Industrial Revolution put together a sweet stockpile of over $200 worth of backpacking gear that they'll be giving away to a handful of randomly selected Cairn Subscribers! The stockpile includes everything you'll need to fuel the meals along your next trek from some amazing brands, including: UCO, Light My Fire, and Esbit. These innovative gear partners deliver performance and multi-functionality....a backpacker's dream!

The package includes:
  • A-120 Comfort-Fit Headlamp [UCO]
  • StakeLight 2 Pack [UCO]
  • Stormproof Match Kit [UCO]
  • Titan Stormproof Match Case [UCO]
  • Swedish FireKnife [LMF]
  • 2 Titanium Sporks [LMF]
  • Mealkit 2.0 [LMF]
  • Large Pocket Stove w/ Fuel [Esbit]
  • Solid Fuel Tablets 12x14g [Esbit]


Claimed Winners

  • Dwayne
  • Carly
  • Bryan
  • Andy

Congrats to all the winner this month. Get out and find your adventure!