LuminAID Bloomio Gem | September 2019

To celebrate the launch of the new Bloomio by LuminAID line, we're giving away SEVEN bundles that include three Bloomio Gems (a $225 value)! These Bluetooth-enabled, origami-inspired lights unite green tech with smart home design. LuminAID has taken their expertise in designing durable solar lighting solutions to bring you an innovation for the home, garden, backyard, or campsite.

The Bloomio Gem is a Bluetooth-enabled solar light that connects seamlessly to your phone using LuminAID's easy-to-use app. Uniting solar technology and intelligent design to empower sustainable living beyond the grid, the Bloomio Gem will make any space bright. Set light schedules, control multiple Bloomio lights at once, and choose from hundreds of colors to set the perfect mood.

Like all LuminAID lights, the Bloomio Gem is made from durable TPU and is 100% waterproof and dustproof. It collapses flat in one easy motion for storage, charging, and travel, and expands into a crystalline shape that can be hung from a removable strap or floated on water. Transform your space, indoor or out, with solar lighting solutions from LuminAID!

  • Dual-charging capability (charge from the sun or via USB charging cable)
  • Connect with LuminAID app to customize colors, set schedules, and group lights together
  • Multi-color and white LEDs create hundreds of color options, including pure white
  • 9.5" base diameter and 5.5" tall when expanded, collapses to 1" high
  • Five brightness settings, up to 75 lumens