SnoPlanks Snowboards and Skis | November 2016

This month, we’re teaming up with Snoplanks to hook up two randomly selected Cairn subscribers with his or her choice of a set of skis or a snowboard! That's up to a $900 value! Snoplanks are powder-focused snow-sliding vehicles, surf inspired in both shape and construction. These unique snowboards and skis were developed to provide a new feeling for the rider that's looking to expand on the roots of their snow sliding experience. All Snoplanks are crafted using three layers of solid bamboo, laminated with fiberglass and carbon fiber for epic strength and responsiveness.

Each plank is constructed from the highest quality bamboo, fiberglass and carbon fiber. This blend of ingredients provides pop and liveliness in deep powder conditions as well as superior control and speed on hard pack.

  • Both edgeless and edged models are available - VDS rubber is layed up on all edged board to improve strength and dampness
  • 4001 sintered black PTEX base on all models
  • All boards are hand shaped, sanded, and finished by our shapers in-house. 100% handmade in the USA.