Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent | April 2018

This month, SIX randomly selected Cairn subscribers will receive a Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent ($350 value)! The Flite+ is an ultralight two-person Tree Tent - the perfect size for backpacking and adventuring deep into the wilderness. This small and portable shelter bridges the gap between a Tree Tent and a camping hammock. The sleeping bed consists of a double, tensioned hammock with a dividing strap down the middle that can be adjusted to create 1 or 2 hammock berths for solo or dual camping.

The Flite+ Tree Tent features:

  • Cross brace for extra headroom
  • One small ratchet to save on weight
  • Can be set up between most tree configurations
  • Full insect mesh top with 2 doors
  • Removable rainfly

At Tentsile, their love for trees shows. Everything they do is about saving trees and inspiring others to love trees too. Their Tree Tents allow people to hang out in the forest in complete comfort; after all, if we're all hanging out in trees, nobody's chopping them down! Even better, Tentsile makes a donation to plant 18 trees for every tent purchased.