April 21, 2021 Edition


The women's surf community in Tofino is as unique as British Columbia is remote. The annual, all-women's surf contest Queen of the Peak is a testament to the grit and determination of those who live there. Oh, and it looks like a seriously great time.


Earth Day is tomorrow, and it serves as a great reminder to be conscious of what happens to our outdoor gear and apparel when we're no longer putting it to use. That's why we created the Gear Up, Give Back program. It's easy for you: pack up your pre-loved outdoor goods, print a pre-paid shipping label, ship your package. Our partners at Gear Fix will make any needed repairs, sell it, and the net proceeds will be donated to Outdoors For All. And, psst, you'll get a sweet incentive or two from our brand partners. Check it out and do some spring cleaning for good!


As spruce forests burn in devastating wildfires, new deciduous trees have flourished in their place. A new study has found that changing forests could mitigate the fire-climate feedback loop, and maybe even reverse it...but for how long?


You’ve heard us say it before: “We’d rather be outside.” Well, now we can celebrate the fact that we ARE Outside!! It’s true - Cairn has been acquired by Outside, formerly Pocket Outdoor Media, the world’s leading creator of active lifestyle content and experiences. Here's the scoop.


Days on repeat? Here's a quick reminder of the refreshing power of the outdoors.

What the heck is Everesting? Is Everesting Everest possible?

This week is National Park Week. If you can't visit a park, explore one with the new NPS App!

9 New US trails to hike this year.


"I have many, many different versions of backpacking lighting. This is by far my new favorite and will come with me on every trip. The feature I liked the most is that it glows in the dark when turned off!!! I never had to feel around my tent in the dark trying to find the light! Another feature I love is that it has an OFF switch that turns it off without having to cycle through all of the lighting options. My go-to light from here on."

- Obsidian Subscriber review of Ledlenser ML6 Lantern

Via Cairn Subscriber reviews