April 29, 2020 Edition

24 Leeches Film


A camping story told by a sweet 8-year-old, Josiah, this short film was shot by his dad, Aaron Peterson, on a 10-day camping trip on Lake Superior. It'll give you all the feels.

Dollar Flight Club


If you’re like our friends at Dollar Flight Club, you are spending this downtime planning for your next adventure. Knowing that, we've teamed up with them to give you a YEAR of their Premium membership for 99% off. The cheapest flight deals they’ve ever seen are popping up for travel from July 2020 onwards. Just use the code CairnDFC99 during registration and never miss a flight deal again! 

Livestream of Orcas


I went surfing in Hawaii this morning. Well, virtually. While you may not be physically whisked away to a far-off destination in the near future, you can mentally make an escape with these livestreams from around the world.

Big Tree Hunter


Carl Casey is what you'd call a big tree enthusiast. Didn't know that existed, did you? Ever since the American Forestry Association launched a campaign in 1940 to locate the largest specimens of American trees, enthusiasts like Casey have been on the hunt. And Casey just so happened to find a champion. So how exactly does one hunt a tree?

Cat Snowskating


WATCH: This cat is a better snowskater than you.

SKILL: Test your bear safety IQ.

QUIZ: Find your dinosaur personality. Completely scientific.

LEARN: The Cairn Crew gives the scoop on products we've featured.