December 14, 2021 Edition - Last Minute Gift Ideas from Outside Editors

Still looking for a gift as 2021 winds down? Outside editors have you covered with these top last-second gift recs.

Even in normal years, there are those among us who wait too long to buy holiday gifts for our friends and family. But this year’s supply-chain snarls and pandemic hiccups have made shopping conditions especially daunting. Never fear, present procrastinators: We polled editors and experts from across Outside’s family of titles to find the best last-second gifts for the adventurers in your life.

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Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking System ($110)
I’ve had my Flash Cooking System for years, and I’ve used it nearly every time I’ve gone out climbing. From cooking quinoa, to brewing coffee, to heating up a hot rock for a chalk bag, this set-up is surprisingly versatile, and it can make all the difference when you’re outside doing what you love. Since it’s lightweight and compact, it’s perfect both for crag days and longer endeavors—even multipitches, since the system is compatible with Jetboil’s Hanging Kit. As the name suggests, the Flash Cooking System works quickly, with an impressive 100 second boil time. You’ll know the water is boiling via the thermochromatic color-change heat indicator located on the sleeve. —Delaney Miller, Associate Editor, Climbing

Black Diamond Crag Denim Pants - Men's

Black Diamond Crag Denim Pants ($89)
The best pants I’ve ever worn are the Black Diamond Crag Denim Pants. These are jeans, but they stretch. I only own two pairs of pants, so I need pants I can work in, climb in, and split and stack firewood in before the snow flies. The Crag Denims check all the boxes. On the rock, the Crag Denims are trim fitting, especially on the lower leg, so the fabric doesn’t billow out and obscure your feet during critical moves. As for durability, I’ve had a pair for over two years and wear them essentially every other day. While I have nearly worn out the seat (a sad indictment of my activity level these days), the rest of the Crag Denims look nearly new. Maybe it’s time for a third pair of trousers. —Duane Raleigh, Editorial Director, Climbing

GSI Outdoors Microlite Insulated Bottles

GSI Outdoors Microlite Insulated Bottles ($25)
There are countless choices for insulated bottles, but these Microlite Insulated Bottles are super easy to clean, and keep your drink hot or cold for an incredibly long time. —Kristin Smith, Assistant Destinations Editor, Backpacker

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American Alpine Club Gift Card

Jaipur Avenue Chai ($12/box)
These single-serve packets come with really excellent spice levels, especially in the Cardamom and Saffron varieties. And it only requires boiling water—no milk—so I take it backpacking and camping all the time. —Kristin Smith, Assistant Destinations Editor, Backpacker

American Alpine Club Gift Card

Athletic Brewing Non-alcoholic Beer ($13/six pack; $50 for variety case)
Made by trail runners but delicious after pretty much any day spent sweating outside, Athletic Brewing’s stable of beers have drawn rave reviews from suds snobs — all without the alcohol. They roll out new flavors all the time: In addition to standards like IPAs and golden ales, Athletic also tackles specialized varieties like goses and concocts interesting hybrids like First Ride, which sneaks in a jolt of coffee. —Reagan Colyer, Assistant Editor, Trail Runner

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American Alpine Club Gift Card

A Day Outside

For experiences, I usually recommend buying gift cards from local guide companies or larger groups like the American Alpine Institute that have a wide range of instructional courses. You could also set up a fundraiser to help fulfill a life list trip for the recipient. And there’s nothing wrong with the DIY approach: Fill a coupon book with things like "afternoon hike" or "day at the beach," to be redeemed at the recipient’s discretion. —Kristin Smith, Assistant Destinations Editor, Backpacker

Alpine Running Guides Trail Running Trips

Alpine Running Guides

If you’re in Montana or planning on visiting, you can’t beat a guided running trip with Alpine Running Guides. It includes transportation from Missoula, Montana, snacks and meals, and all the guiding services you need to get out on Montana’s world famous trails. —Reagan Colyer, Assistant Editor, Trail Runner

Racin Grayson - 2022 Training Log Planner

Bonus Big Gift: Instant Trail Runner (Just Add Water)

I’ve staked my career on the idea that trail running is one of the purest, most accessible, and most rewarding ways to enjoy and engage with the outdoors. And with this minimal investment in gear, you can build a bomber kit so your loved one can start charting their own path. Injinji socks are my go-to socks for long or tough runs. A quirky toe-sock fit helps minimize pesky between-toe blisters, and reduces friction for long days on feet. The Swish Jacket is simply the best jacket I've ever tested: It's warm without being hot, and it protects from wind, rain, and sleet without ever feeling like a heavy shell. (If you need a more substantial jacket for chilly runs, try The North Face Flight Ventrix Jacket.) As for shoes, the Hoka Speedgoat is my go-to. Steep, long, rough and tumble—the Speed Goat is ready to rally in any condition. Also, I swear by this training log, which will transform your life along with your runs. —Zoë Rom, Editor-in-Chief, Trail Runner