December 23, 2020 Edition

Illustration of what people did to get through 2020


The things we did to get through 2020, as submitted by hundreds of people and crafted into one very, very large (and very, very worth exploring) illustration.

People snurfing


No, snurfing most definitively does not sound cool. Nor does the idea that snowboarding owes its birth to a suburban dad in Michigan trying to keep his kids busy. But watch this short film and we guarantee you'll think snurfing and tinkering suburban dads are pretty dang cool. 

Man jumping in air


Tune in today at 3 p.m. Pacific Time to catch the live unboxing of our Winter Obsidian Collections. Pro tip: like the Cairn Facebook page so you'll get a notification when we go live.

Blind climber on wall


Watch in awe as blind climber Jesse Dufton painstakingly sends Forked Lightning Crack (E2 5c, roughly 5.10d) on his first go.

Cowboy making coffee


You don't have to make the coffee, but you have to watch this cowboy coffee tutorial.

Apply to the Adventure Filmmakers Online Workshop to hone your craft with award-winning filmmakers as faculty.

Confessions of an a**hole hiker. Yep, we've all been that person.

There may still be time to catch the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.


"You know how Cookie Monster eats cookies? Well, I rival that eating these."

"I might trade in my car to have enough money to buy as much of these as I would eat in a month." 

"If I could, I would marry all of the savory seeds."

"I feel like Cairn started an addiction I can't sustain."

- Sarah in Oregon, four individual reviews left for each flavor of Patagonia Provisions Savory Seeds

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