February 3, 2021 Edition

Young skier


Power through the rest of your week after watching this awe-inspiring look at a 12-year-old skier, who also happens to be blind, as he takes on the Big Couloir.

Cozy campfire


Step up your winter weekend warrior game by entering for a chance to win a fully outfitted three-day road trip including a campervan rental, gear, food, footwear, and more. Start daydreaming now. 

Looking down at snowy forest


This short piece contemplates the benefits of a connection with nature, whatever it may look like, and considers the idea of time outside as a human right.

View of a lake surrounded by mountains


In June of 2020, the Cairn Crew shared our intentions to do better as a business and industry in supporting diversity in the outdoors. Here's an update on the progress we've made and additional actions we've put in place since that initial post.

Man smiling with stand-up paddleboards in background


Listen: The Year of Big Ideas featuring the story of @bigbuspaddlesports.

Jellyfish and Chill: Achieve zen with the Live Jelly Cam from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

7 tips to stay warm during winter climbs.

Vote for finalists in Moosejaw's outdoor start-up accelerator competition.


"So good. Caught me in a weak moment and I ate them all."

- Mike from California, review of Honey Stinger Mini Waffles from Winter Obsidian Collection

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