January 27, 2021 Edition

Three men in front of mobile bike repair van


The Navajo Nation covers a 27,000-square-mile area across Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. And there isn't a single bike shop to be found there. That means the smallest malfunction hits, and a bike is basically done. Until the Silver Stallion arrives.

Young boy being helped up a climbing wall


Despite the turbulence of 2020, Cairn's Gear Up, Give Back program was able to contribute over $12,000 to the program's beneficiary organization, Outdoors for All. Here's how Gear Up, Give Back works, and how Outdoors for All has been able to adapt to continue to provide important recreation opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.

Woman in front of truck with snowmobile on it


Get inspired in your downtime with a stoke-inducing lineup of films showcasing real womxn and their allies sharing their unique skills and passion for winter sports. RSVP for access to the FREE Seeking Stoke Virtual Film Festival kicking off tomorrow, January 28, and running through January 31.

Surfer falling off of surfboard


When we're kids, picking up a new activity is a natural part of life. The older we get, the less likely we are to do it. But the benefits of learning something new are immense. In this podcast, Journalist Tom Vanderbilt and Outside’s editor, Christopher Keyes, dive into what really happens when we dare to be a beginner again

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10 post-workout recovery methods that haven't been proven to work...yet.

Ski fast but please don't look over your shoulder. And I hope you don't have jerky in your pocket.

Stretch it out: Yoga for skiers

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"Will go great with my new down sleeping bag AND I can use it to visit with friends outside."

- Dawn from Ontario, review of Ignik Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

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