July 1, 2020 Edition

Dan Diez Fishing


Miami-based tarpon fisherman Dan Diez has always felt compelled to fish. It's more than a call to the sea, it's truly part of his blood and part of his family's Cuban history. He explores his family's story, his ties to the sport, and why he's never cared what people think of the canoe he lovingly calls "a plastic bathtub."

Hemp Defense


We're all about discovery; so when we see something in the outdoor industry that we think is worth discovering, we take note. CBD - the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants - was hard to miss at the last Outdoor Retailer trade show. But trying to decipher which products will actually make an impact and which are just marketing, or which are best for your needs and lifestyle can be a major challenge. We teamed up with the folks at Hemp Defense, a nutraceutical grade CBD company, to create an intro to CBD for the novice.

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Whale encounter


Looking into the eye of a massive sperm whale (the whale Moby Dick depicted) is bound to evoke powerful feelings in a human, though they might not be what you'd expect. (Photo credit: Katie Orlinsky)

Cold water swimming


With "wild swimming" (a.k.a. swimming in a natural body of water) becoming the trending way to get your laps in while many pools are closed; this short film, Hydrotherapy, offers some additional inspiration to take a very cold, possibly healing, plunge.

Backyard Camping Ideas


MUST DO: 10 backyard family camping ideas from Outdoor Afro. (Photo credit: Outdoor Afro)

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LESSON: On a dark night, a man invites a cat into his hammock. There's more...

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