June 10, 2020 Edition

Yosemite Ranger


Shelton Johnson is a Yosemite park ranger and an advocate for bringing people to explore the wild beauty of the park who wouldn't typically have the opportunity to do so. In this short film, he shares why kids from all neighborhoods need the parks and how their lives are enriched from access to these spaces.

Fenn's Treasure


Forest Fenn, an art and antiques dealer, hid a treasure in the wild a decade ago and included a 24-line poem as the only clue to its whereabouts in his biography. His intention was to spur exploration in nature. Over the years, he's been accused of creating a hoax, moving the treasure, and never placing it at all. Those accusations have all been wiped away this week.

K2 Invisible Footmen


K2 stands just 767 feet shorter than Mt. Everest and presents a more demanding climb. This hour-long film explores the lives of the support teams without which expeditions could not climb the "Savage Mountain."

Fast & Light in Romania


My husband has convinced me to do most of the crazy things I've done in my life. Last year, to celebrate a milestone birthday, he convinced me to run a 50k race. As part of my training plan / birthday celebration, he planned a once-in-a-lifetime trail running adventure for us in Romania. Turns out, I can pack pretty darn light when faced with the reality of running with my "luggage" on my back for 10 days. Here's the story of our fast and light adventure (and packing strategy). 

Climbing wall


PARTICIPATE: Enter your DIY climbing wall in Climbing's Scrappiest Home Wall Contest.

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