June 24, 2020 Edition

Squirrel Obstacle Course


When your backyard becomes your main form of entertainment and you haven't left home in months, things can take an unexpected turn. Like the simple act of hanging a birdfeeder turning into a squirrel Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course build. You will not regret the 20 minutes it takes to watch this film and we guarantee it'll make you smile.

Summer Obsidian Collection


The Cairn Summer Obsidian Collection is all about getting your camp set-up completely dialed, whether you're backyard camping or going a bit more off-grid. Cairn Crew Jen and Reid unbox the collection and run down the highlights of each product selected to be featured.

Into the Wild Bus


The bus in Alaska where Christopher McCandless, whose story inspired Into the Wild, once lived and died was airlifted out of the wilderness last week. Feelings for all involved are bittersweet for so many reasons. (Photo: Sgt. Seth LaCount/Alaska National Guard/Associated Press)

Taking action


In early June, we shared with our Cairn Community that we couldn't stay silent on the issue of systemic racism. At Cairn, our goal is to be a source of outdoor discovery for all, so we'll continue to share our gear tips, favorite outdoor experiences, inspiration, and brand stories. However, we're not just back to business as usual. Here are the initial steps we're taking.



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