June 3, 2020 Edition

George Floyd Mural


As Outside's features editor, Gloria Liu, writes in this piece:  "...if there’s one other universal characteristic of people who love the outdoors, it’s that we voluntarily wade into discomfort with enthusiasm and resolve. It’s time for us to channel that energy into something far more important."

Coalatree Trailhead Pants


The Cairn Community knows and loves Coalatree. For the uninitiated, this brand develops creative, eco-minded outdoor goods and apparel - all of which transition from everyday life to more extreme adventures with total ease. We're stoked that they just launched brand new colors of their much-loved Trailhead Pants, our favorite adventure pants (and currently or favorite lounging / work-from-home pants). Level up from sweats and leggings with pants made from recycled material with four-way stretch, waterproof breathability, and tear-resistance. Use code GETCAIRN to get 20% off a pair of your own!

Deep Friendship


Hiroyuki Arakawa is a scuba diver in Tateyama, Japan. Yoriko is a sheepshead wrasse, also of Tateyama. They've been visiting with each other for over 25 years and after one of them saved the other's life, their friendship has blossomed.

Path to Wellness


Taking care of ourselves and each other is so important right now. We've teamed up with a number of brands to give away $750 worth of products to support your body and mind. Enter to win.

Black Birders Week


PARTICIPATE: This week is #BlackBirdersWeek created by @BlackAFinSTEM.

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