March 16th, 2022 Edition

Scout Weekly

At Outside, our mission is to inspire and enable people to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned outdoor adventuriest, our expertly curated gear shop is filled with everything you need for you next escapade. Now that spring is here, we want to know what adventures you’re planning — tag us on Instagram next time you head outside!

This week:

  • 103 Hikes to Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever
  • Your trail prep gear kit: Jetboil Flash Cooking System
  • What’s Better: Training By Time Or By Distance?
  • The 6 Best Ghost Ski Resorts to Visit in the U.S.

The Commerce Crew

103 Hikes to Make This Your Best Year Ever

103 Hikes to Make This Your Best Year Ever

Now is the perfect time to dust off your gear and start deciding where you’ll spend the rest of the year hiking… that’s right, even in winter! The experts at Backpacker created this trail calendar with over one hundred locations for you to explore.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

The Perfect Long Hike Companion

When JetBoil unveiled its revolutionary stoves in 2004, they upended camp cooking for good: Thanks to ultra-fast boil times, mountaineers knew they could count on French-press coffee before an alpine start on Rainier, and ultralight backpackers could squeeze extra whole days out of a single fuel canister and ditch an entire cookset. Eighteen years later, JetBoil still leads the pack with the Flash, which shaves an entire minute off of their industry-leading boil time. Modular accessories like the aforementioned coffee press, skillet, and cooking supports expand your culinary options, and a color-change heat indicator helps you graduate from ramen to gourmet in even the most rugged conditions. Decades later, the telltale roar of a JetBoil still triggers a Pavlovian response in adventurers who know: Something hot and delicious is on the way, very soon.

Shop the Jetboil Flash Cooking System.

The Best Metric: Time or Distance?

The Best Metric: Time or Distance?

It’s the age-old question every runner asks: Is it better to train by time or distance? We turned to our friends at Trail Runner to help us with this one. Here's how to decide the best metric for measuring your runs.

Abandoned Ski Resorts to Visit

Abandoned Ski Resorts to Visit

Looking for a new adventure? Combine the best of touring and resort skiing on the runs of these ghost town ski areas.

Chris Burkard's North to the Future

North to the Future

Chris Burkard shares an intimate look into his recent trip to Alaska.