May 6, 2020 Edition

Human Bean


What if you ate beans and only beans for...well, for as many days as it takes to eat your bodyweight in beans? Filmmaker Beau Miles, inspired by a half-page scene in John Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat, decided to find out. Oh, and wrapped up the experiment by running a 50k fueled only by beans. You'll wonder why, you'll say "gross," and you'll be entertained.

Dollar Flight Club


If you’re like our friends at Dollar Flight Club, you are spending this downtime planning for your next adventure. Knowing that, we've teamed up with them to give you a YEAR of their Premium membership for 99% off. The cheapest flight deals they’ve ever seen are popping up for travel from July 2020 onwards. Just use the code CairnDFC99 during registration and never miss a flight deal again! 

Senior Citizen Synchronized Swimming


Hopefully, each of us finds that special activity or place that provides us with a pure, joyful sense of freedom. The members of this synchronized swimming team for senior citizens have found it. Bet you can't watch it without smiling.

Kids Camping


As our daily routines have shifted dramatically, it can be easy to point out the things we're missing. But what about the things we've found? What new-found or rediscovered parts of life are going to be keepers? Here are a few that we'll be clinging to.

Dolphins in bioluminescense


ZEN: Watch two dolphins splashing through bioluminescent water.

JOIN: Backpacker's May 16th Virtual Camp In Festival.

SKILL: How to extinguish your campfire safely

LEARN: Assemble your bike at home. You can do it!