September 9, 2020 Edition

Coree Woltering FKT


If you need some inspiration to feel hopeful this morning, ultrarunner Coree Woltering and his Ice Age Trail FKT have you covered. And, yes, the midwest has trails and athletes, too.

Hiball Energy Seltzer Good Energy


We're all for a company that creates a good product and does good for the community. Hiball Energy Seltzer gives you good energy from organic caffeine, ginseng, and guarana (with zero calories to boot), and the brand is sharing good energy with those who really need it right now - healthcare workers. They've donated over 270k cans to hospitals nationwide so far. Nominate a hospital to receive some good energy.

Steve Irwin


Steve Irwin was goofy, no doubt. Sometimes (a lot of times) it seemed like he was an overly enthusiastic child that was let loose in the wild. He was also a conservation badass. 

Hydaway Collapsible Tumbler


These days, takeout is more the norm than ever. Unfortunately, that means single-use plastics are creeping back into our culture, too. This month, we've teamed up with Hydaway to give a Cairn Subscriber a collapsible hydration bundle that makes kicking the single-use plastic habit a breeze. The just-launched Collapsible Tumbler is ready to tote your beverage of choice - smoothie, coffee, water, beer. Cheers to that!

Camp cooking for beginners


The absolute beginner's guide to camp cooking. (It's ok to admit it).

How to close a pocket knife. (It's ok to admit that, too). 

Should you use trekking poles? (You know you want to). 

For the times when you need 15 seconds of calm. (Like right now).