April 22, 2020 Edition

Earth Day - Image of Earth from Space


On this, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, life's looking a bit different. We can all still get involved in Earth Day happenings in order to protect and support the places we love. Just go digital. Here's what you can (virtually) do today.

Outdoor App in Use


It's true, we're probably spending a lot more time on our phones right now. Hey, if we're on our phones, why not do something useful and positive for ourselves? Check out our list of best outdoor apps you might not already know about. Download the apps now, start planning, and you’ll be raring and ready to use them when it's time to head out on another adventure.

Great Indoors


When you're a writer and photographer whose work depends on the ability to travel to and explore unique destinations, what do you do when travel is off the table? Erin Sullivan has created something kinda magical without leaving home. 

Photo credit: @erinoutdoors



Stepping up our hydration game is on the to-do list, so this month we've teamed up with EcoVessel to give two randomly selected Cairn subscribers a bundle of hydration essentials that'll quench any thirst. All while saying 'bye to single-use plastics.

John Muir


CELEBRATE: John Muir's birthday with 20 of his powerful quotes.

WATCH: Six minutes of blissful night sky over the Chilean desert.

LISTEN: Chased by a Jaguar (Outside Podcast).

THANK YOU: Cairn made USA Today's 10 Best Subscription Boxes list, as voted on by the public.