6 Lessons Mom Taught Us About the Outdoors

From first steps, to first fall, to first hike - the moms of the Cairn Crew raised us to be quite the little adventurers. 

The bravest of the bunch have unlocked our personal photo vaults to thank our moms for teaching us valuable lessons about the outdoors at a young age. 


1)  There's No Such Thing as "Bored" Outside

Outdoor Mom

Don't you dare utter the words "I'm bored" on an outdoor adventure.  

Need something to do? Here's a stick...whittle something. Make your brother a crown out of flowers, he'll totally appreciate it. Oh wait...SQUIRREL!  


2) Ask For Help When You Need It

You might have a few overnight scouting trips under your belt and picked up a snake or two, but you're never too experienced to ask for a little assistance.  

The key is to admit to yourself that you need some help. Even if it means being made fun of by your older sibling's super cool buds.  


3)  Mother Nature Appreciates All of Your Awesomeness  

Mother Nature couldn't care less if you have crazy camping hair, haven't grown into your big kid teeth yet, or are wearing hand-me-down gear.  

She thinks you're the coolest and welcomes you with open arms no matter what. You and Mother Nature should get a set of those Best Friends Forever charm necklaces.


4) Every Adventure Outside Can Be Special

Camping Picnic

You don't have to go far, you don't have to summit a mountain, you just have to go outside. Special is bound to happen.

What turns a lame Tuesday night dinner into an epic memory of the first time you learned how to create a perfectly toasted (or charred, if you prefer) s'more? Taking dinner outside.  


5) Dress Appropriately, Kiddo

Kids skiing

Dressing for the weather and the activity means you can actually enjoy being outside. Instead of being a whiner, like your little sister. Ugh, she's sooooo annoying.

Yes, your jelly shoes look awesome; but disobey Mom and you'll learn the hard way that they will leave your feet bloody after a hard game of kickball.  


6) Hanging Out with Your Mom is Always Cool

Mom Hiking with Kids

Mom has stories to tell and lessons to teach, and it's amazing how going on an outdoor adventure together can open up conversations you'd never have if you were just watching TV together. 

Go ahead...take a hike with your mom and see if you can find out what your parents were really like in the 60s. Admittedly, there were a few years in there (like all of the teens and some of the twenties) where we may have argued with this lesson; but we can totally appreciate it now. 

So here it is, Cairn Crew Moms. We're officially telling you that we think you're awesome, and we want to thank you for fostering an outdoor spirit in our ripe young minds. 

So....does this cover us as a far as a Mother's Day card goes? No? Uh, yeah, we knew that. It's totally in the mail already. USPS is probably super busy right now, so it might be a little late.

What outdoor lessons did your mom teach you?  Share in the comments!