What's in the Box? September Highlight Reel

The Cairn team is excited to announce a new partnership with Katie Levy of Adventure-Inspired. We're working with her to share a “What’s in the Box?” highlight reel of the products in our monthly boxes. She’s an avid outdoor enthusiast with experience testing a variety of gear and apparel, and she’s not afraid to put products through their paces.  Katie also worked with us shortly after we launched to share an inside look into Cairn and what we’re hoping to accomplish in the industry.  Watch for an article from Katie each month as she tests the products in our boxes and gives her personal insight on their use.

September's box brings us a little something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a better way to keep your microbrew cold at camp, a way to take better care of your skin, and/or need some more nutrition in your life, you'll love what Cairn put together this month.


Stanley Classic Vacuum Steel Pint (16 oz.)

Let’s be honest - plastic cups aren’t classy. If you’re a beer or hard cider connoisseur, it can feel criminal to pour a microbrew made with love and care into a cup that doesn’t deserve to hold it, especially one that isn’t typically reused. But it’s also not practical to take glass vessels on outdoor adventures. Luckily, Stanley has us covered.

The newly released Classic Vacuum Steel Pint is one product in a line designed for those of us who enjoy a good brew, but need a more rugged and stylish vessel than a plastic cup or pint glass. It has Stanley’s classic look, a built-in bottle opener, a press-fit leak resistant lid, except for the opening you’re meant to drink through, and is designed to keep drinks cold for hours. It’s not going to prevent spills if you tip it over, just like a pint glass, but it doesn’t sweat or allow heat or cold to escape from your beverage like a pint glass does. Drinking out of it felt pretty cool, and my drink felt pretty cool too.

Sierra Sage Super Goo and Arnica Salve

It might sound simple, but what we put on our bodies can be as important as what we put in them. Sierra Sage products are made from organic herbs grown in the company’s garden, sourced from organic farmers, or consciously wild crafted, making their salves and body care products uniquely beneficial for skin. Sierra Sage’s outdoor line is specifically designed for folks who like to play outside, given our skin can take a beating when we’re climbing, hiking, backpacking, or participating in any of our favorite activities.

I used the Arnica salve on a few bruises I’d developed after a recent hike, and though I didn’t expect miracles, my skin did look and feel soothed. As a CrossFit athlete, I also have to pay particular attention to any calluses, cracks or tears on my hands. I woke up after sleeping with a coating of Super Goo on my palms and they looked better than they have in weeks. Both the Green Goo and Arnica Salve smell fantastic, but they’re a bit greasy; be sure to let the salve fully absorb into your skin before you touch anything.

Skoop A-Game, Sweetgreens and Chocofresh

It seems like there are more supplement options than actual food options these days, and it can also be difficult to figure out which ones are worth trying. Whether they’re designed to amp us up, calm us down, help us gain weight, help us lose weight, or help us achieve any number of goals we have, I’m most interested in consuming what will keep me healthy.

Skoop’s A-Game powder is full of whole-food sourced ingredients like organic beets, organic kale, and organic chlorella to name a few, all of which contain valuable phytonutrients (plant-based compounds) that are key parts of a solid nutrition plan. The Skoop team believes the power of Superfoods, phytonutrients and antioxidants should be easy to harness by anyone, even when they’re on the go.

Carrying a serving of Skoop around is a piece of cake, and because the mixes are all food-based, you can treat them like food. I mixed the Chocofresh A-Game powder with almond milk in a shaker, but after ordering a bag (use CAIRN10 for 10% off your order), I’m planning on baking muffins with a scoop or two in the recipe. Both the Chocofresh and Sweetgreens mixes are delicious. Learn more about what’s in Skoop and the company’s story, (which rocks), on their website.


Katie Levy is a self-proclaimed outdoor adventure addict and loves sharing her passion for playing outside with anyone willing to listen. Though currently based in Philadelphia, spending her formative years in upstate New York and two years in Alaska fostered a lifelong passion for the outdoors. These days, if she’s not out on the trail, you’ll find working on her other passion, Adventure-Inspired, or getting her WOD on at CrossFit Love.