What’s in the Box? November Highlight Reel

This month’s Cairn box is chock full of goodies for your feet, your palate, and if you’re a wine connoisseur, your gear collection.* But don’t say I didn’t warn you; if you’re a subscriber and haven’t opened your box yet, don’t do it on an empty stomach like I did.



Ranchline Natural Lamb Jerky

Jerky is one of the easiest ways to get protein when you’re on the go. According to Ranchline, "Ch'arki" the name for the process used to preserve meat in pre-Columbian days, and it’s also their sweet and spicy version’s namesake. Clearly whomever came up with that term in the Quechan language knew what they were doing.

I’ve tried everything from standard beef jerky to salmon jerky, even tuna jerky, but this month’s Cairn box gave me my first chance to try lamb jerky. It was so delicious I finished the whole bag before I had a chance to photograph any of the product for this highlight reel. Lamb is a high protein, low fat snack, and with the punch of flavor in the bag from Ranchline, it’s easy to see why I couldn’t close the bag. I’d love to see the actual number of servings in each bag rather than “various,” but I can deal with a little serving size uncertainty when the jerky tastes that good.


Injinji Toe Socks

 Injinji began as a startup company, and since 1999, they’ve been working toward making innovative products designed to help your feet perform better regardless of what pursuit you’re into. The company makes socks specific to running, golfing, soccer, yoga, for cold weather adventures, even for the workplace. Take one look at them and you’ll immediately notice they’re different from traditional socks. According to Injinji, they make “the original performance toesock.”

I’ve been fascinated by the concept of running footwear that lets each toe behave independently, especially after battling blisters on hikes and runs. With each toe protected, Injinji’s toesocks eliminate skin-on-skin friction between toes. The socks also wrap each individual toe in sweat wicking material, keeping them drier. The version I tried, the Performance 2.0 Trail toesocks, are thick to cushion your feet and the double cuff is designed to keep dirt out. There’s a bit of arch support designed in as well. I found the toes to be a bit long for my little piggies, but that didn’t affect my overall comfort in the toesocks. Overall, it was a great first toesock experience.


Laughing Giraffe Snackaroons

Phoenix and San Francisco-based Laughing Giraffe’s mission is to “to provide quality nutritional snack foods that actually taste great.” Based on what I’ve tried so far, mission: accomplished. The company produces Snakaroons, two-bite sized gumdrop-shaped mounds of coconutty goodness, and Snakarola, bags of crunchy trail mix-esque cubes. Both snacks (snaks) are packed with flavor and organic goodness, a product of the Laughing Giraffe’s goal to use ingredients that taste good and are good for you.

Though the chocolate Snakaroons were in this month’s Cairn box, I’ve also tried the vanilla and lemon Snakaroons. They’re all delicious, and it’s difficult for me to close the bag once it’s open. The chocolate Snakaroons taste more dessert-like and are great with a cup of coffee in the morning, or as a sweet treat after dinner. If you’re a fan of all things coconut, you’re going to love all things Snakaroon.


Vapur Anti-Bottle Flexible Wine Carrier*

We’ve all likely proven it more than once – glass bottles and outdoor adventures don’t mix. Companies like Bandit and Union Wine Co. figured that out a long time ago, and now, outdoor enthusiasts have a multitude of ways to take wine out on adventures without the risk. Both tetra paks and cans are great alternatives to shattered glass bottles at the campsite, and they’re more environmentally friendly. But if you’re interested in a specific wine that doesn’t come in anything but glass, Vapur has you covered.

Vapur’s “Live Flexible” slogan explains the motivation behind the launch of the game-changing “anti-bottle” in an effort to make hydration more portable through vessels that can be folded, flattened, and stuffed just about anywhere. The flexible wine cooler holds a full bottle of wine and comes with a pourer to make dispensing easier. A full bottle won’t completely fill the Vapur anti-bottle, which prevents overflow, and the pourer helps you dose exactly the amount of wine you want. When you’re done for the day, take the pourer out and cap the anti-bottle for storage. It can be difficult to wash by hand, but luckily, it’s dishwasher safe.


*Note: I received the Wine version, but if you indicated you’re not an alcohol consumer in your profile settings, you’ll receive this version instead.  

What are you most excited about in the November box? If you’re not a Cairn subscriber, which item would you most like to try? Leave a comment! Also, be sure to check out Cairn’s website for newly released t-shirts!

Katie Levy is a self-proclaimed outdoor adventure addict and loves sharing her passion for playing outside with anyone willing to listen. Though currently based in Philadelphia, spending her formative years in upstate New York and two years in Alaska fostered a lifelong passion for the outdoors. These days, if she’s not out on the trail, you’ll find working on her other passion, Adventure-Inspired, or getting her WOD on at CrossFit Love. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.