6 reasons to get outside during the holidays

6 Reasons to Get Outside During the Holidays

If you live in a place with 4 seasons like us, it can be hard to stay motivated to get outside this time of year. The mercury in your thermometer (also known as the numbers on your weather app) is flirting with freezing, getting dressed is no simple task if you want to avoid looking like Ralphie’s brother Randy from A Christmas Story, and all signs point to hot chocolate and Netflix.

Research shows that the average American spends 87% of their time in enclosed buildings and 6% of their time in enclosed vehicles. That’s a total of 93% of your life spent inside. But despite the perceived struggles, it’s all worth the effort in the end.

Even we need a little extra inspiration to leave the warmth of our homes sometimes. So here are 6 good reasons to get outside this holiday season.

  1. It’s a great family activity (or, in some cases, a way to escape family). Spending time outdoors is an ideal way to bring people together, as well as to enjoy some much-needed solitude. If anything, your family fat biking excursion may be dysfunctional, but it’s sure to bring on some laughs.
  2. It boosts creativity and focus. A study by psychologists from the University of Utah and University of Kansas found that backpackers scored 50% higher on creativity tests after spending 4 full days in nature without any electronics. “Burying yourself in front of a computer 24/7 may have costs that can be remediated by taking a hike in nature,” co-author David Strayer said in a statement.
  3. It improves your mood. Studies have found that physical activity outdoors for as little as 5 minutes leads to measurable improvements in mood and self-esteem. Going outside also relieves stress, combats seasonal depression, and helps you sleep better.
  4. It can recharge your exercise routine. Exercising outdoors yields increased benefits over indoor exercise. In addition to boosting your mood, outdoor exercise can be more challenging, leading to greater physical gains. Running, hiking, biking, climbing, and even walking are an entirely different experience when you’re out in the elements.
  5. It’s an opportunity to use your gear. A wise outdoorsman once said, “There’s no such thing as cold, just unprepared.” Put the new gear in your Cairn collection to the test!
  6. It creates memories. When it comes to going outside or watching Elf for the 20th time in a row, 9 times out of 10, you’ll have more fun outside (this is the only statistic in this blog that we completely made up but we stand by it nonetheless, no matter how great of a movie Elf is). You can tell Buddy that white is your new favorite color with all the snow you’re about to go play in.

Yes, baby it’s cold outside. But that doesn’t mean you should go into hibernation until springtime. So put your game face on, lace up your boots, and get out there!

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