$8,000 Cairn Gift Card Camping Giveaway

Summer is here and so is camping season. And this year, Cairn is teaming up with TheDyrt.com to make it the best season yet!  We're pumped to be a part of the $100,000 Great Camping Giveaway on TheDyrt.com where you can earn points and win prizes for submitting useful campground reviews.

Here at Cairn, our Crew is always ready to share opinions and tips with each other about regional campsites. While some keep detailed notes on backcountry locations and accessibility options based on river levels, some of us are experts on campsites within walking distance of a cool brewery.  Hey, we all have our priorities.  

Camping in the Forest

Cairn Crew Megan found a fairytale location to set up camp.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we think it’s high time that we all work together to end the pain of searching online for a campground. We’re stoked for these camping contests with TheDyrt.com because it's infinitely easier to find a great place to pitch a tent when you can see photos and videos of the places you want to go.

Cairn is giving away $8,000 in gift cards through two of the contests:

Every month this summer (June–September), the top 10 reviewers for each state (Texas or Washington) will each get a $100 Cairn gift card. What's really cool is that you can follow your progress on the state leaderboards, which reset each month. With $8,000 in gift cards, 10 winners each month, and four months to win, your chances of winning are pretty good!  And even if you can't participate in the Texas or Washington contests, some of our favorite outdoor brands are giving away sweet prizes for contests in other states.  

Dog Friendly Campsites

Sometimes finding a campsite can be ruff, according to Cairn Dog Tubb.

So get out your recent camping photos or embark on new camping adventures (hey, just one more excuse to get outside).  Then submit your experiences to our contests and watch yourself move up the leaderboard. A $100 Cairn gift card means you’ll end the summer with four free boxes of Cairn awesomeness!

What's the #1 thing you look for in a campsite?  Let us know in the comments below.