Cairn + Cotopaxi Video Feature: The Story Behind the Team-Up

At Cairn, our goal with every collection that we curate is to introduce our subscribers to innovative brands and products that they may not have discovered otherwise. When we met the team at Cotopaxi, we knew we had to connect them with our subscribers.

Gear That's Beautiful, Functional, and Does Good

A Certified B Corp, Cotopaxi is part of a business community working toward not only being best in the world, but also being the best for the world. From utilizing fabric remnants to create products to funding solutions that address the needs of those living in poverty, Cotopaxi has a simple goal: Do Good. That’s a goal (and gear) we can get behind! 

Impressive goals aside, Cotopaxi’s gear is the real deal. Not only are the unique color schemes and fashion-forward designs wearable on all adventures, from everyday to extreme; they are also highly functional, with well-thought-out details that make their gear the Cairn Crew’s go-to.

Good Gear, Good Partnership, and Good...Dance Moves? 

During this year’s Winter Outdoor Retailer event, Cairn Co-Founder, Rob Little, chatted with Cotopaxi VP of Sales, Dave Stockham, to give the inside scoop on how the relationship between Cairn and Cotopaxi has grown. Dave also shares the cool story behind the Cotopaxi Luzon, a product that Cairn subscribers have rated as one of their favorite items we've ever featured in a collection. And there may be some dance moves thrown in...because nothing can contain Dave.

Need your own Luzon? Limited quantities of Luzons in color schemes exclusive to Cairn subscribers are available in our Trailhead Collection. Get yours now!

Check out the Luzon in action on a recent adventure the Cairn Crew and some local friends took in the Cascade Mountains.