Cairn Subscribers' Top Outdoor Gear Picks

The Cairn Crew prides itself on being a source of outdoor discovery for members of our community; so when we curate Monthly or Obsidian Collections, we put extreme effort into curating products and brands that we feel deserve a spot in our Subscribers' gear closets. Our efforts are rewarded when Subscribers tell us we introduced them to a piece of gear they didn't know they needed, and now couldn't live without. 

Every Subscriber has an opportunity to review the products they receive and, as a result, we've gathered hundreds, often thousands, of reviews on each product. So what products lead the pack? It's tough to pick, because SO MANY have received incredible ratings. But we picked ten of some of our highest rated Subscriber favorites. 


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LUMINAID Packlite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

“Amazing cube of light and convenience that is incredibly fun to use.”

LuminAID Packlite

COTOPAXI Luzon 18L Del Dia

“I wouldn’t change a thing! The PERFECT backpack. I can fit everything in this for when I am out and about. I can also store it in the tiniest compartment when it is not in use.”

Cotopaxi Luzon

SMARTWOOL Smartloft 60 Jacket

“Love, love, love this jacket! It is warm when I need it to be warm and cooler when I'm in warmer temperatures.”

Smartwool Smartloft Jacket

NOMADIX Smokey Mountains Ultralight Towel

“Compact, light, and made of recycled material. And a good custom design to boot!”

Nomadix Towel

ADVENTURE MEDICAL KIT Mountain Hiker Medical Kit

“I love how it is organized in pockets by types of injury. Very easy to use!”

Adventure Medical Kits

OSPREY Transporter 65 Duffel

“This immediately became my go-to travel bag for weekend/week-long trips.”


ECOVESSEL Boulder Insulated Bottle

“Love this bottle! The filter insert is fantastic for adding fruit or tea bags or ice. I also love the option of the small mouthpiece and then larger opening for filling or wider opening.”

Ecovessel Boulder

SEALLINE Discovery View Dry Bag

“Great product that has already held up to much use. Why aren't all stuff sacks clear?!”

Sealline Disovery View Drybog

BIOLITE Headlamp 330

“Bright and love the battery pack being on the back for balance!”

Biolite Headlamp

UST Tekfire Pro

“This is awesome! I love the fact that you don't need to worry about fuel or factors such as weather affecting the ability to light a fire.”

UST Tekfire Pro

What is your favorite product that you've discovered in a Cairn Collection? Share in the comments!