Cairn + UCO: Behind the scenes of the new UCO Air Headlamp



The abundant feedback the Cairn Community provides, combined with the Cairn Crew’s knowledge, means that more of our brand partners are approaching us to get involved in the development process for new gear.  The new UCO Air Headlamp is the product of one of these collaborations. 

Join Cairn Senior Product Gurus, Bill Inman and Conor McElyea, and some of the UCO team - Colin Quinn, Product Design Engineer, and Ken Bathurst, Sales Manager - to get the inside scoop on the innovative features of the UCO Air and the backstory on how this team-up came to be...and, yes, sometimes the best ideas come together over margaritas and mole sauce.

We're stoked that Cairn subscribers were the first to get their hands on the UCO Air Headlamp! It's one of the lightest headlamps on the market (1.6 oz). Some more of our favorite features: 150 lumens of brightness, a Precision Fit band that's ultra-comfortable and stays put, and it's rechargeable with a micro-usb cord.

If you’ve been a Cairn Monthly or Obsidian subscriber, you’ve probably been fortunate enough to receive at least one UCO product. Don’t forget to review your products with each Collection you receive. Not only do you earn Cairn Points towards free gear with each Collection review, you also provide brands, like the product designers at UCO, with feedback that helps them improve existing and develop new gear that’ll make everyone’s outdoor experiences better!

What has your favorite UCO product been so far?