Energy Connects Us All: The Powerful Story of Professional Runner Jane Kibii

Image credit: Jon Humphries

At Cairn, we love to team up with innovative brands making a positive impact on the world and this year, we’re excited to announce that we've again had the opportunity to work with BioLite. Check out the Spring 2019 Obsidian Collection, featuring BioLite's new Headlamp 330.

BioLite has a unique business model they call Parallel Innovation where a portion of every sale is then invested into their east Africa programs, bringing clean cooking, charging, and lighting to off-grid households so they can connect to safe, productive, and healthy lives.

To see BioLite’s impact in emerging markets, as well as on athletes a bit closer to home, we’d like to introduce you to BioLite’s first-ever Crossover Ambassador Jane Kibii. Jane is a professional runner who splits her time training between California and Kenya. Racing to provide for herself and her daughter, Jane has been giving her all to create a safe and reliable way to create a connection back home to family.

With one foot in east Africa and one foot in the outdoors, Jane is a powerful example of the energy that connects us all no matter where we are in the world.