Gear Up, Give Back Contributes Nearly $30,000 to Conservation Alliance

We would like to say a major thank you to everyone that donated pre-loved gear and apparel to the Cairn Gear Up, Give Back™ program. We're stoked to announce that in partnership with the Gear Fix, the program will contribute nearly $30,000* to the Conservation Alliance while keeping over 1000 outdoor products out of landfills!

About Gear Up, Give Back

In 2018, Cairn teamed up with Bend, Oregon-based full-service gear repair and consignment shop, The Gear Fix, to launch Gear Up, Give Back. The goal was to make it easy for Cairn Subscribers (or anyone with gear to spare) to donate their retired outdoor products while benefiting a good cause. Through the program, anyone can get a free Gear Up, Give Back Kit, fill it with pre-loved outdoor gear or apparel, send it in (for free!), where it will be repaired if needed and sold by the Gear Fix. All net proceeds from the sales of these items were matched by Cairn (up to $10,000) and the Gear Fix (up to $5,000) and are being donated to Conservation Alliance.

About Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance engages outdoor businesses to fund and partner with organizations to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. In 2019, Conservation Alliance grantees delivered a record number of conservation victories — 24 to be exact— resulting in the protection of 22,509,324 acres of land, 468 river miles, and the acquisition of three climbing areas. In the past year, their grantees helped protect the most acres protected in a single year in the Conservation Alliance’s 30-year history!

2019 Year in Review from Conservation Alliance on Vimeo.

These incredible results were driven by decades of grassroots work from grantees across North America. The Conservation Alliance works hard to identify effective conservation organizations that can succeed in any political climate, and supplement those grants by bringing the business voice to bear on conservation through their advocacy program.

Looking Forward to 2020

Cairn and the Gear Fix are thrilled to keep Gear Up, Give Back going and growing in order to help keep retired gear out of landfills, get more people outdoors with accessibly priced gear, and raise funds for a cause we believe in. We’re so proud of our 2019 Gear Up, Give Back beneficiary, and can’t wait to announce our 2020 beneficiary and additional partners very soon!

*Estimated contribution amount based on current sales projections. Final contribution amount will be shared in January upon final sales for December 2019 being tallied.