Hammocking Tips: 6 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Hammock

If you received the comfortable and versatile Serac Hammock in a Cairn Collection, you are probably pretty stoked! Summer is here and nature is calling for hammock swingin’, snoozin’ and relaxin’!

We’re all about sourcing and sharing gear with you to inspire your adventures. Here are 6 unexpected ways to use your hammock this summer outdoors as well as at home base-camp (yes, we went there 😉 ).

THE GREAT OUTDOORS. Hammocking while hiking, climbing, camping or backpacking is totally our jam. Here are a few ways to make your outdoor adventures more fun with your hammock.

#1: No pillow needed.

Leave your pillow at home? No worries. Your hammock has you covered! If you’re notoriously forgetful, and find yourself constantly missing that one super-crucial item, then this hammock has your back. There is nothing worse than sleeping without a pillow, so if you find yourself without one on your next camping trip, try bundling up your hammock and using it as a soft place to rest your head for the night! Problem solved. See how easy that was?

#2: The ultimate gear loft.

We like to stay organized while out enjoying mother nature, but did you know your hammock can help? Try storing clothes, blankets, towels and other gear in your hammock when you’re not using it. The awesome space-saving tactic makes for a safe, clean place to put all your clothes and other necessities when space is limited.

#3 Ground cover extraordinaire.

A little dirt don’t hurt...BUT...if you are skeptical about getting a your clothes dirty, spread your hammock out for a dry, dirt free space to sit or lie down! Sunbathing on the beach, picnicking in a dewy meadow, playing cards at your campsite, whatever the occasion may be, your hammock will be there for you! And don’t worry about getting it filthy--these guys are lightweight and quick drying, making them a breeze to shake off and dry out! So you can forget about  packing along that extra blanket, as long as you have your hammock, you’re set!

#4: The kid (or adult-kid) swing...we’re not judging.

Kids love to camp and adventure too! It’s never too early to introduce children to nature--with adult supervision of course. Camping with kids is a great way to bond and educate them about the environment. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a handy toy or distraction. Enter, hammock. If you’re just a kid at heart, and need a little relaxation after a hard-day’s hike or outdoor excursion, let your hammock be the wind beneath your wings! A cold beverage in hand, and that soothing swinging motion = a superb way to end your day.

THE URBAN CHILL. Not just an outdoor activity, hammocking can be added to the mix at your home base too.

#5: Meet the living room addition.

Looking to add a little fun, functionality to your living room? Your hammock can double as an extra lounge chair--minus the chair. Especially for those of you who reside in compact living spaces, your hammock could be the perfect space-saving addition to a small living room or studio apartment. Plus, you’ll be the cool friend who thought of hanging a hammock in your living room. You’re welcome.

#6: The odds and ends storage alternative.

In its off time, your hammock can double as an extra shelf for tools, equipment, gear, pillows, or just about anything else that needs a home. Hang it in your garage, or any other room for quick and easy storage solution.

What are some unexpected ways you will use your hammock? Tell us in the comments!


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