Howl-O-Ween: What a Dog Photo Shoot REALLY Looks Like

The Winning Shot

The dogs of Cairn like to get a little crazy. You may already know this...for example, you may have called to talk to one our Brand Heroes and heard a dog or two trying to contribute to the conversation (they're super helpful).

But, nothing could have prepared us for the mayhem that ensued when we tried to capture eight dogs in Halloween costumes on one couch. (Oh, yes, it was absolutely organized and our pups all totally sat still). The above picture is THE ONLY shot we captured with all dogs not barking, running away or looking in different directions. Here's what the photo shoot REALLY looked like! There were tricks, treats, big dogs sitting on little dogs, and so much more.

For your viewing pleasure, see below.  And have a happy Halloween!

Come on guys, cooperate!

Getting Dogs Ready

Nobody move!

Wait, make sure you get my good side...

Why am I in the back?!

Time to bark, my voice WILL be heard.