Klymit + Cairn: Creating Cooler Gear, Together

Cairn subscriber feedback + Cairn Crew knowledge + outdoor brands = great new gear and features that Cairn subscribers helped develop! Cairn Co-Founder, Jared, caught up with Tanner, Director of Business Development for Klymit, at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017 to discuss how the relationship between Cairn and Klymit has grown, with Cairn subscriber help, to have an impact on product development.

Just like you and your outdoors-y friends, friendships in the outdoor industry are forged in dirt. We believe the strongest relationships in life and in business are built based on shared experiences outside getting dirty 😀. Cairn and Klymit have bonded over the years because of our common goal to help people get out there and have the best time doing it! 

Part engineers, part gear junkies, part mad scientists, and all outdoorsmen, the Klymit Team focuses on bringing quantifiably superior products to the outdoors enthusiast. They thrive on challenges, which is why the Cairn Crew enjoys teaming up with them. Where others see problems, they look for solutions in cutting–edge science and technology, harnessing breakthroughs into outdoor products that perform at new levels, so you can reach new heights on your adventures in the greatest comfort possible.

If you’ve been a Cairn Monthly or Obsidian subscriber, you’ve probably been fortunate enough to receive at least one Klymit product. Don’t forget to review your products with each Collection you receive. Not only do you earn Cairn Points towards free gear with each Collection review, you also provide brands, like the mad scientists at Klymit, with feedback that helps them improve existing and develop new gear that’ll make everyone’s outdoor experiences better!

What has your favorite Klymit product been so far?