Live Sustainably with DrinkTanks

If you haven’t already jumped on the sustainability train, now is the time. Sustainable, ethically sourced and reusable products are popping up all around us, and there’s a good reason why consumers now look for these traits in a company before purchasing a product. We have decided to make more conscious decisions about what we buy and support, because we care about how things are made and how that process affects our environment.

Our friends at DrinkTanks know a thing or two about sustainability and have developed killer products that focus on being sustainable. This month,  some of our lucky Cairn subscribers received DrinkTanks’ new 16 oz. vessel, which is the perfect addition to your daily routine, whether that’s coffee or tea in the morning, kombucha in the afternoon or a refreshing cocktail in the evening--it is there to keep your beverages hot or cold. And, help the planet by creating less waste. How can you go wrong!

How it all began

Founded in 2013 by Nicholas Hill and his father, DrinkTanks is rooted in Bend, Oregon (also home to the Cairn Crew 😊). With a plethora of local breweries and access to outdoor activities, Nick and his father saw an opportunity to capitalize on those two things by creating premium stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum insulated growlers. The DrinkTanks motto to “Live Vast” encourages its customers to get out and explore, with your drink of choice in hand. Now, four years later, the growing start-up has over 30 employees and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The science behind the product

Born and raised in the USA, DrinkTanks are designed and assembled in Bend, Oregon. They are made with double-walled vacuum insulated technology, which prevents annoying condensation from seeping off your bottle and getting all over your hands. It also keeps your liquids the temperature you want them to be--hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Hooray! Using food grade stainless steel that doesn’t retain flavors, you’ll never have to worry about your coffee from the morning ruining the taste of your evening beer. 🍻 to that!

Culture of DrinkTanks

Start-up culture varies from business to business, but there is one thing that small businesses and startups all have in common; they are determined to succeed in their respective industries. DrinkTanks set out with a mission to create a cutting edge product that allows people to live vast and buy responsibly without losing their roots--and that is exactly what they have done. At the same time, the DrinkTanks team is committed to investing in the community and creating an image that is highly respected. “We work with local groups to employ individuals with a wide range of disabilities to empower and assist in reaching personal independence and inclusion within the community. DrinkTanks also contributes to Scotch Foundation which focuses on vets with PTSD. By keeping the majority of our labor in house, we’re able to support the local economy with 30 employees’ - Jackson Esselman, Marketing Director

Why go sustainable

Or better yet, why not go sustainable? “At Drink Tanks, we strive to practice social, sustainable business operations through creating products that have a life-time warranty and developed to reduce waste in landfill contribution. Our products are easy to clean and durable, creating a life-time vessel that’s reducing disposable waste” - Jackson Esselman

Using sustainable products positively impacts our environment by reducing the overall waste we are putting out into the world. If the technology of DrinkTanks hasn’t sold you already, the sustainability of the product should have you hooked. Besides, who wouldn’t want to help save the environment by sipping a cold one from a DrinkTanks vessel--seems like a win win to us.😉

A few more tips for supporting sustainable purchases.

No matter how you slice it, we can all make better and more conscious decisions about what we purchase. There has been no better time to stand your ground as a consumer. With the vast information available on the web, and the social media sounding board, customer care is at an all time high. So choose products and companies that have sustainable and ethically sourced goods!

Here’s how you can be a conscientious customer:

  • Do the research - As an option, before making your next purchase, check out the ‘about’ section on the company website and read about their sustainability practices.
  • Share the love - Social media is powerful. One of the best ways to support sustainable companies you love--share about them and why you support them on your social channels!
  • Keep it in perspective - At the end of the day, you’re not always going to be able to use and buy products that have sustainability front of mind. So, don’t beat yourself up! Just do what you can, when you can, to support environmental health, minimized waste, and sustainability. Every little effort helps!

Whatever your drink of choice may be, fill up your DrinkTank and get out there and start exploring! Share with us on our Facebook Page or Instagram--and tag #GetCairn or #CairnRocks! Happy adventuring.