LuminAID + Cairn: Supporting a Brand that Makes an Impact

Cairn Subscribers, you know those gear reviews you complete each month? This month shines a light on the impact your input can make for a young company that's making an impact on the world. Watch the video to hear how LuminAID incorporated Cairn Subscriber feedback into the development of their PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger.

We love to team up with innovative brands that seek to make a positive impact on this world. LuminAID is one of the brands that is doing it right. 1.6 billion people around the world lack proper access to electricity. Many of these people are forced to rely upon dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lanterns as their primary source of light. Through LuminAID’s Give Light, Get Light program, they partner with NGOs and non-profits all over the world to distribute LuminAID lights to individuals who will greatly benefit from a safe, rechargeable light source. We’re pumped to join them in their mission to make light more accessible and sustainable for all!

If you're a Subscriber, don’t forget to review your products with each Collection you receive. Not only do you earn Cairn Points towards free gear with each Collection review, you also provide brands like LuminAID with feedback that helps them improve existing and develop new gear that’ll make everyone’s outdoor experiences better!