NOKA Superfood Blends: Not Your Average Outdoor Snack

At Cairn, we like to think of ourselves as outdoor product enthusiasts. We’re here to bring you innovative gear and outdoor fuel that will inspire your time in nature.

The story behind NOKA Organic Smoothie Blends, an innovative superfood company that we included in our March collection is one we felt inspired to share. NOKA provides a refreshing, healthy option to add to your snacking mix. Their fun, healthy blends and convenient packaging make them an easy addition to any outdoor cycle ride, hike or camping trip. Aside from being a cool product, NOKA also is an all-around awesome company. Let’s get to know them better.

What's the story behind NOKA?

Co-founders Ryan and Adam are self-described as “two young guys pursuing our dream of empowering people to make healthier decisions in their lives.”

It all started with our love of being active and spending time in the outdoors. Eating well has always been a big part of our lifestyle because it helps us stay energized.

We dreamt up the idea for NOKA on a bike ride in the Santa Monica Mountains above Los Angeles. It was a hot day and at the top of a long climb; the last thing either of us craved was a dry energy bar or a sticky goo or gel pack. We wanted something refreshing and wholesome, like the smoothies we'd make ourselves every morning. The idea for NOKA formed quickly from here.

We began to develop a plan and about a year later we launched our first three NOKA smoothies. Our aim is to deliver balanced nutrition and naturally delicious flavor from organic whole fruits and veggies.

We love our product and every day we get more validation that there is a need for NOKA not just in outdoor sports, but in all the ways people live and are active.

When’s the best time to eat your smoothie blend?

NOKA is a great snack to take with you for any outdoor activity, and it’s also great as a quick breakfast-out-the-door or a healthy snack at work. We believe that your body is your temple, so making good eating decisions throughout the week, like reaching for a NOKA instead of a candy bar or a bag of chips, can help you stay energized and focused.

Why choose NOKA?

NOKA is a light and refreshing snack that can be perfect for hiking on a hot day, riding a long distance, or just heading out into nature and looking for a healthy snack. It’s part of the NOKA mission - to bring healthy, whole fruits and veggies to our customers, while still making the product easy to consume, pack and take with you anywhere!

What's next for NOKA?

Hard to say. Every day brings new opportunities and we’re hoping to capitalize on as much of them as possible. We’re currently brainstorming new flavor ideas and we’d love to get feedback from the Cairn community!


Thanks, Ryan and Adam!

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