One Piece of Gear, Ten Uses (And Counting)

Sometimes you happen upon a piece of gear and initially think, “Huh, looks handy.” You may not be sure exactly how you’ll put it to use, but you toss it in your pack anyway. Then you end up using it. All. The. Time. And you think to yourself, “What did I do before this was in my life?”

That’s how we feel about the Heroclip. This interesting carabiner, clip, hook combo with a swivel was recently featured in one of our Monthly Cairn Collections; but the Heroclip earned its spot in the Cairn Crew’s everyday rotation years ago.

With three sizes available, the largest capable of holding up to 60 pounds, you can find the right fit for just about any of your outdoor needs. Here’s the rundown on ten ways we put this one space-efficient piece of gear to use.

1. Hanging backpack or duffel

Keep your bag up and off the ground. Whether it’s hanging your backpack from a branch or hooking your duffel (like the Coalatree Nomad Packable Duffel featured in the same Monthly Cairn Collection) over a door when you’re traveling; your bag will be easy to access and collect less dirt, moisture, bugs, germs, and whatever other critters may skitter by if left on the ground.

2. Let there be light

Place your light source in the perfect location while you’re cooking at camp, playing cards in your tent, or waking at the crack of dawn to prep that first cup of coffee. The Heroclip is easy enough to use even for a pre-coffee brain. We promise.

3. Hook sandals or wet items on backpack

Keep wet or muddy items like sandals, towels, and swimsuits away from the dry things in your pack and allow them to dry out while you hike. Yay!

4. Sound system

Hook your Bluetooth speaker in a spot where 1) you and your friends can actually hear the music and 2) you can find the speaker when it’s time to pack up.

5. Keep food and trash storage off the ground

Isn’t it weird that we can pack the most elaborate gear and yet still have to figure out some half-baked way to hang our trash bag where everyone can find it (except the bugs)? Keep your food storage and trash bags off the ground with ease, no struggle required.

6. Reservoir water system

Hang up your reservoir water system or camp shower with ease anywhere you roam.

7. Just hanging out

The number one problem with hammocks? No cup holders. Heroclip just saved the day. Clip your drinking vessel, snacks, even shoes (because who wants to jump out of a hammock barefoot?) directly to your hammock and you’ll no longer have to worry about tipping over every time you reach down for your beverage.

8. Dry it out

Let your towel, wetsuit, rain gear or sweaty clothes dry while you make camp or have a post-activity picnic. Hook it up to a tree, carrack, rock formation…just about anywhere. 

9. Mess kit and cookware storage

Hang up your essential camp kitchen items to keep them where they’re easy to locate, don’t take up valuable space on a camp table, and can dry off after a wash.

10. Gear storage

We’ll admit it. Gear storage and organization is kind-of an obsession for us. Keeping our gear organized and well-maintained just means that our get-up and go for the next adventure is that much faster. The Heroclip is an easy solution for hanging, organizing, and grabbing gear in a snap.

This is just the start of uses for the Heroclip because we only focused on how we utilize it outside. Can you imagine the ways you can put this bad boy to use in your car, house, or garage?!

Have you gotten to put your Heroclip to use in the wild? What’s your favorite application? Tell us in the comments below.