Outdoor Living: How To Relax With Your Hammock

Every month, as we build our collections we think of our community, and how great gear can fit into the larger scheme of their daily lives, their weekend adventures, and everything in between. And while we’re all about rip-roaring, 100 miles-per-hour, you-can-rest-when-you’re-dead, weekend warrior lifestyle, there’s something to be said for taking a moment to just “chill for a sec.”

Take it all in

The thing about sitting in a hammock is that it forces you to stop and take it all in, and our May collection allows you to do just that. Snack on a CLIF Whey Protein Bar while gently swaying side-to-side in your Serac Hammock between two pines--or any two stable objects, wherever you may find them. The hammock is a breeze to set up with the high-quality webbing straps we included along with it to which, based on Cairn Crew feedback, Serac added an additional foot to fit the tree trunks here in Central Oregon. Mosquitoes can’t even ruin the vibe, as they’ll be kept at bay with the Adventure Medical Kits Natrapel Wipes.

Stop and smell the roses—or what have you

Since Spring is in the air, we wanted to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Maybe it’s not roses for you—maybe it smells nothing like roses, like plopping down into your hammock and sniffing your shirt after day three of your backpacking trip and recognizing how awesome it is that nature doesn’t care what your shirt smells like.

Maybe it’s taking in that epic view, letting yourself truly experience that feeling of awe at where you are, as you let your legs rest and thank them for getting you there.

Or, maybe it’s taking advantage of a warm, clear summer night, ditching the tent, and drifting to sleep while gazing up at the hundreds of billions of stars above, feeling content with it all—a daunting and existential yet completely necessary reality check in our busy lives.

3 ways to relax outdoors in your hammock

Whatever your story may be, we present three reasons to relax in your new hammock:

  1. Breathe and reflect: Ever heard of “shower thoughts”? There’s a reason why people seem to come up with their best ideas out of nowhere in the shower, and our best guess is it’s probably because it’s one of the few times in your day when you’re not distracted by everything else in life. Likewise, you can take this precious time in your hammock to let your mind do its thing, without the screens, errands, and to-do lists calling your name.
  2. Read a book: Reading in a hammock is pure bliss. If that’s not relaxation, we don’t know what is! Whether you’re a “Walden Pond” enthusiast or more of an “Into Thin Air” type of individual, there’s nothing like getting lost between the pages of a good book in the outdoors.
  3. Plan your next adventure: Grab your map and start scheming! That topo isn’t going to explore itself, and having some down time to sit down in your hammock and plan out your next route is time well spent.

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation. We’ve provided the gear, now all you need to do is put your feet up and “hang out.” Happy hammocking!


Thoughts From the Hammock: Cairn Co-Founder Rob Little

Name one item from a past collection you've used more than you thought you would.

Just one!? That's impossible. The Pocket Bellows was a gem to find--not sure I've started a campfire without it since we featured them. Rumpl's Puffy Throw has been a staple for me in many hammock sessions. The LuminAID has become my favorite way to light up a tent or a camp kitchen with just the right amount of light.

Where do you plan on relaxing in your Serac Hammock?

There's a spot that I love along the Deschutes River in Northern Oregon where I can watch fly fishermen perfecting their art and whitewater rafters floating by. It's a special place for me, and will certainly be where my hammock sees its inaugural use.

What's one outdoor adventure you're looking forward to this summer?

Betsey (my wife) and I are planning on paddling each of the lakes along Oregon's Cascade Lakes highway. It will take multiple trips to pull it off, but the serenity of the peaceful mountains and quiet lakes are always a refreshing adventure for us.


How are you relaxing with your new May collection? Tell us in the comments!