The Expeditioners: Why are you grateful for the outdoors?

The Expeditioners, Roberto and Bella

Roberto & Bella (@theexpeditioners) are extreme explorers, photographers, and athletes. They inspire thousands of people every day by documenting their incredible travels via their website and social media. This month, we asked the husband-wife duo to share what the outdoors means to them during the Thanksgiving season. (Disclaimer, they’re Canadian, but we couldn’t help sharing their perspective on how they express gratitude this time of year.) Enjoy!

Why I am grateful for the outdoors?

The outdoors. That means something different for everyone. For some, it’s playing in the park or yard with the dog. For others it’s gardening. Many trek and climb mountains. To others it means sailing across vast oceans and not seeing land for weeks. To a growing group worldwide, it means kitesurfing over waves, swells, and emerald waters. To many of those in my neck of the woods (British Columbia), it means skinning up high into the mountains in search of perfect snow, or ripping down double blacks on Whistler Blackcomb.

For me, the outdoors means some of the above, and yet so much more. It means adventure, expeditions, travel, exploration, fun, love, friendship, filming, photography, and more often than not, a proper dose of wilderness with “type two fun.” The fun that makes your legs burn, feet ache, and often makes you question why it is you’re even there. And for that, yeah—I’m grateful!

Whistler Blackcomb's youngest pass holder, Mikio.

Whistler Blackcomb's youngest pass holder, Mikio.

It means spending time with my lady, who recently gave birth to our beautiful first born son, Mikio. And now I know that a big part of our outdoor adventures will include spending time outside with both my wife and my little one. He’s only three weeks old, and I can barely contain the excitement of camping with him and exploring the world. For him, this beautiful little human who I will take to see so much of the world, I’m grateful.

Mother nature is a grand educator—and for that I am so utterly grateful. It’s where I learned to make a fire twenty years ago, in even the wettest of conditions. It’s where we began our adventures with extreme canoe trips in Quebec. Where sometimes, when running Class IV rapids, we tipped or swamped. That’s how I learned - the cold way - that cotton was not the best clothing to have, and switched to wool. It’s also what taught me to be more patient in the things I do, like making sure my dry-bags were properly closed.

The list could go on and on about the lessons that adventuring in the outdoors has taught me. The most succinct answer though, is that being outside gives my life more meaning. And for that, I’m grateful!



We thank Roberto for sharing these wonderful insights with us about the holiday season, gratitude, and the outdoors. Especially from the perspective of a new parent!

From the Cairn family, including Roberto, Bella, and Mikio, we wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Your turn! Why are you grateful for the outdoors? Tell us in the comments.