Top Tips for Setting the Perfect Mood at Camp

We think that camping in any form sets the mood for a fun time, but there are definitely a few tips and tricks that will take your camping experience to the next level. It’s amazing how the smallest additions can have a major impact on your whole crew’s mood...and likely inspire all of the campers nearby.

Photo credit: Ian Glass @ianvaso

Portable String Lights:

If there's one thing that will lighten the mood and generate a ton of comments, it's a set of portable string lights like the Revel Gear Trail Hound 30 ft. Camping Lights (featured in a recent Monthly Cairn Collection). These string lights are easy to transport, highly efficient, and are powered by any portable power source.

Here are some of our favorite use suggestions:

  • Drape lights around the campfire to create super cozy scene, perfect for chilling long past sunset.
  • "Fire" during a fire ban. Just toss your lights in the fire pit and gather round for a warm glow...we promise, the stories will start to flow!
  • Light up your shelter. Whether you're sleeping in a tent, car, van or in a hammock, string these lights up in or on your shelter for the perfect glow and the right amount of visibility for navigating your sleeping bag at night.


Photo credit: @tampaflygirl

Hammock (or two, or three):

Hammocks like the Serac Single (featured in a recent Monthly Cairn Collection) are lightweight and easy to pack. There's really no reason to leave it out of your go-to outdoor bin. 
Hammock uses seem fairly obvious but just for fun, here are our favorite applications:
  • Sleeping - day or night. Depending on the weather and your camping style, a hammock can work perfectly as your overnight sleeping spot, as well as that indulgent afternoon nap location.
  • Entertainment for kids (or kids at heart). Days at camp with small kids are often an exercise in absolute creativity...what will keep them entertained next? The answer is a hammock. Always a hammock. 
  • Storage spot. Even if you're not planning to sleep or lounge in your hammock, they make an easy storage location for some of your gear during the day as you're setting up or going about your day. It keeps items off the ground and out of the way.

Bug-free comfort:

Bugs can ruin a good time in an instant. Bring the right protection for everyone in your group - adults, kids, pets. We are big fans of Aunt Fannie's Mosquito Wipes. Powered by essential oils, not DEET, they are great for the whole crew. And you really can't beat wipes as an effective, mess-free delivery system. 

on the body care / comfort note, we ALWAYS have a good, moisturizing lip balm in our pocket or pack on camping trips. Spending days outside can cause seriously dry, cracked lips. Lasting Smiles Lip Balm is organic, fair trade and packed with healing vitamins. Plus, every lip balm sold helps support essential surgeries for children worldwide!

Food for sharing:

Even if your whole crew decides to "do their own thing" for food at camp, pack a few snacks that are fun for sharing. Sharing food together creates a natural gathering and bonding experience, and the right snacks will pump up everyone's mood.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Pre-packed snacks: If you want snacking to be impromptu (or you just don't feel like cooking), grab a few easily shareable pre-packaged snacks. We recently discovered Peak Sherpa Energy Bites. They're perfect for bringing along on a group hike because they're a great source of energy and they come in eight convenient (shareable) bites in a resealable package. 
  • Fresh take on camp dessert: Bring the fixings for a unique camp dessert. Seriously, no one can be upset about that! Try roasted bananas - Wrap peeled bananas in foil and roast them over the campfire. Top with graham cracker crumbles, chocolate, peanut butter, whatever you want!

Photo credit: Revel Gear @revelgear


As adults (or chronological adults), we sometimes forget to pack toys! You wouldn't have forgotten when you were 10, so channel your inner kid and pack some fun items. Some of our favorites:

  • Instruments - Guitar, harmonica, or maybe just a Bluetooth speaker. Music livens things up! Just be respectful when it comes to music in the outdoors (here are a few small reminders). 
  • Games - We LOVE camp games and always throw these two in our camp kit: the Pocket Disc Sport and the Bush Smarts Game Kit. Fun, small, and highly packable.
  • Bubbles - Just try not to enjoy blowing, catching and popping bubbles. Dare you.

How do you create the perfect vibes at camp? Comment below!