Video Feature: Fueling Creativity with Time Outside, as Told by Bend, Oregon Locals

There’s a reason that Cairn is based in Bend, Oregon...we’re just steps from a plethora of outdoor fun (and beer). We grabbed a few of our talented local artist friends, took them on an activity-filled trip to Elk Lake, then sat down with a pint at Bend Brewing Company and got them to spill the beans on how time in the outdoors inspires their everyday work. Meet illustrator, Adam Haynes; outdoor adventure photographer, Tyler Roemer; and Snoplanks co-founder and handcrafter of snowboards, James Nicol.

The crew put the Marmot Featherless Hoody from our Fall Obsidian Collection to work on our trip. Since Elk Lake is located in the stunning Cascade Mountains at nearly 5,000 feet of elevation, it can get pretty chilly up there, regardless of the season. And with the spray from the waterfalls we hiked in to see, we were thankful to have the warmth of the synthetic fill of the Marmot, which kept us cozy despite getting doused by the falls. 

We rounded out the day with the perfect Bend #trailgating activity…beer outside at one of our local breweries. We’ve got well over a dozen to choose from, and on this day we opted for Bend Brewing Company. They recently added a huge yard area overlooking Mirror Pond in downtown Bend, and it doesn’t get much better than rounding out a day of fun with a good view, good beers, and good friends. 

And, yes, we really do all go hiking, camping, and drinking together in real life. Cheers!

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