#WhereverYouPlay: Fourpoints Real Food Energy Bar Puts Conservation Up Front

It has to be said...the Cairn Crew taste (and trail) tests a loooooooooot of bars. Once a week the whole Crew gets together to review potential products for our collections, and that includes an initial sampling of nutrition items. Let me tell you, the facial expressions, food hoarding, and near wrestling matches for more samples are worth the price of admission!

We were pumped to test out the Fourpoints Real Food Energy Bar in the office and even more stoked to get to test it out in winter conditions. Why? Because not only do these real food bars taste great and provide slow burn energy - ideal for endurance activities - but they also do not freeze! If you've ever about pulled your teeth out trying to gnaw on a cold bar during a blustery day on the mountain or on a frigid winter long run, you know this is a truly unique and valuable feature. And after the Crew tested it on the mountains and the trails this winter, it definitely received the stamp of approval and we were thrilled to feature it in a recent Monthly Cairn Collection.

But beyond the quality of the bars, Fourpoints is a company that we can truly get behind. Here's the scoop on how they're encouraging us all to do more for the places we play. 

Fourpoints was born in the mountains of Colorado and crafted to deliver a slow burn fuel for your outdoor adventures, wherever you play. But from the start, the founders of the company, Kevin and Patrick Webber, have asked the question, "Where will you play if our precious natural spaces continue to decline and disappear?" 

So using their #WHEREVERYOUPLAY campaign, they are challenging consumers and outdoor enthusiasts to not only get out there and enjoy the outdoors but to become advocates for their protection and long-term sustainability. Kevin Webber, Co-founder shares, “We all have a responsibility through better environmental stewardship, outdoors ethos, community engagement, and activism to not just share on social media where we like to play but what we intend to do to preserve them.”

Now Fourpoints has partnered up with Conserve with Us, an innovative online platform that transforms the way local conservancies connect with the public so that anyone can contribute to critical conservation projects. They describe it as crowdfunding for conservation. Soon when you visit the Fourpoints website not only can you purchase bars, but you can see critical action alerts for areas under attack in your area, learn how to contribute to those efforts, and even explore new trails and areas to enjoy.

In the outdoor industry, it's extremely impactful to see major heritage brands like Patagonia taking a stand on conservation (among other things); but it's also heartening to share the story of younger brands that are founding their businesses with the message of conservation as an integral part of the mission from day one. 

Tell us in the comments some of the ways you or your local outdoor community are taking steps (small or large) towards preserving the outdoor areas where you play.