Enter to Win This Adventure Pack From Turtleback Trailers

Are you the type to start planning your next adventure before the mud even dries off your tires? Do you have setting up camp down to a science so you can maximize time on the road or the trail? If so, you’d find yourself in good company with the crew at Turtleback Trailers, and the Turtleback team is looking to make your next outdoor adventure the most memorable one yet.

In addition to scoring a six monthly shipments from Cairn featuring the latest and greatest in outdoor adventure equipment, products and gear, the winner of the Turtleback Trailers Prize Pack will receive a Turtleback swag pack and two complimentary tickets to Overland Expo West, the premier event for outdoor enthusiasts that touches down in Flagstaff, Arizona, May 17 through 19, 2019.

Once there, you'll join thousands of other adventurers for the ultimate celebration of adventure travel and recreation, and you'll also get a chance to check out towable camping trailers from Turtleback Trailers’ expansive collection while there’s still plenty of time to plan that summer road trip.

The Trailer of Your Dreams

Designed and intended for those who hate sacrificing time to set up camp, Turtleback Trailers’ custom-built towable camping trailers accommodate a broad range of group sizes while making camping and adventuring comfortable, safe and immensely enjoyable. Combining the comforts and conveniences of home with the ruggedness and size constraints that camping and off-roading demand, Turtlebacks’ towable camping trailers offer sleeping space, full kitchens, hot and cold water and more, giving adventurers a one-stop-shop where they can store gear, cook up a hot meal and lay their heads down in a safe, climate-controlled environment after a long day on the water, the mountain or the trail.

Perfect for those who prefer to explore without limits, but who may not have travel plans or storage space appropriate for an RV, Turtlebacks’ towable camping trailers provide a “best of both worlds” solution that offer long-term sleeping accommodations without a long-term payment plan. So, rather than find a campground, pitch a tent and limit yourself on certain over-the-fire camping fare, see how a Turtleback Trailer can help you explore new terrain.

Want to learn how Turtleback can outfit you for the road less traveled? Enter to win Turtleback’s Prize Pack and two tickets to May’s Overland Expo West before April 30 at TurtlebackTrailers.com/giveaway.